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On planet #1010, the evil Gorthogs, who hate all that is unique and beautiful, invade and begin killing everything in their path. During the onslaught, a brilliant professor named Dr. Sovè invents the Uniflow-laser, a technology to uncover the hidden uniqueness in every person on the planet. The people of #1010 awaken their hidden abilities using the new technology, fight back against the Gorthogs, and save themselves from being assimilated into the Gorthog war machine.

ccdc nft


Charity to Unicef for children education

Careless Cat Do Care move in to metaverse and hold an exclusive event with hidden gift

The governance function will be added to CCDC homepage!

Youtube Channel

Birth of CCDC coin

CCDC Shop for only CCDC holder to collect & Collab with well-known artist around the world

Collab with Bored Ape Yacth Club

To be globalization, CCDC will go around NFT event around the world and collab with entertainment industry

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Founder Team

Wine Techasukij

Project – Co Founder

Kelly B.

Marketing – Co Founder

Victor J.

Lead Art Designer

Ailee B.

Game Designer

Makoto Y.

Game Developer

Paul P.

Blockchain Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

An NFT refers to a “Non-fungible Token”, which is a one-of-a-kind asset that lives online on a digital ledger. You can buy, own and trade your NFTs as you do with any other type of physical artwork or collectible item. Since blockchain technology transparently shows the ownership of NFTs, if you own one – everyone can look up your ownership!

Most art can easily be appreciated on the interwebs, and the more people view our work, the more delighted we’ll be! NFTs are increasingly also being assigned utility tied to ownership and identity rights, such as “exclusive tickets” to community event, avatars in metaverse, or even voting rights in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

We believe that everyone has own talent but you dont know how to bring it out but you can show your talent profoundly in Unique Planet Verse of CCDC.

It will show up at your Ethereum address, which is viewable through your Metamask wallet. Besides, it also be viewable on this website and Opensea (links will be provided after minting).

– Find us on Discord here, which will be our primary mode of direct communication & all announcement!
– Not a Discord user? We are also on Twitter and Instagram.
– Prefer to email or would collab? Write to us at